In 2014 over 5,000 7th Graders received a one year free membership!

All kids have enormous potential. At the Y, we work every day to help children and teens set and achieve their personal and educational goals in settings where they can have a sense of belonging and feel comfortable exploring new interests and passions.Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA is proud to partner with the Pennsylvania State Alliance of YMCAs in promoting the 7th Grade Membership Initiative, which provides a FREE one-year membership to all 7th Graders in the area.

As youth begin to face the many challenges of adolescence, they are more likely to begin distancing themselves from formal organizations, friends and family, and to experiment with unhealthy and illegal behaviors. The 7th Grade Membership Initiative is an opportunity for the Y to engage, cultivate and connect with youth at a time that is most crucial to their development.

Registration for our 7th Grade Initiative program is easy. Students simply need to bring proof of 7th Grade status (a roster or report card), along with a parent or guardian to any location of the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA.

Upon completion of the application process, the FREE one-year membership will be awarded