Monday – Friday: 5:00am-10:00pm
Saturday: 6:00am-7:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am-7:00pm


About the Haverford Y

hav4234234As the largest provider of family fitness programs and facilities, the Y continues to do all it can to serve its target market – families. Haverford Township residents have never had a community YMCA. This YMCA is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the residents with family friendly programming.

While there are for-profit fitness facilities in the area, they do not provide appropriate programs for preschoolers, teens and families. The YMCA provides an environment where all health seekers are comfortable and can work toward personal goals. The YMCA helps build relationships between members, staff and community stakeholders. Additionally, this YMCA provides an aquatic experience for virtually everyone. From swim lessons, lap swim for general health and wellness, water exercise classes and senior programs, this YMCA is able to provide an essential service to local residents.


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