By: Gina Ellis – Group Fitness Instructor, Rocky Run YMCA           Posted on: 01.06.2017

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to exercise and the impact free weights have on getting fit – we hear them all the time at the YMCA.

“Aerobics are for women.”
“Men don’t take classes, we stay on the wellness floor and in the weight room.”
“If I lift weights, I will get bigger and I workout to get smaller.”
“I want to lose weight, not gain weight!”
“I want to lose weight, so I do a lot of cardio.”
“Cardio burns lots of calories, so that’s what I do.”

Chances are you have heard these phrases or you have said these phrases when it comes to your own fitness and workout routines. There is a great program designed to dispel these myths called Les Mills Body Pump – – you can find out for yourself why!

Body Pump was created by a husband and wife team to address two of the biggest misconceptions in exercise; that men don’t take classes and that women couldn’t or shouldn’t lift weights.

Body Pump incorporates a variety of equipment; a step, a weight bar, different weights/plates for the bar, a mat and sometimes hand weights as well. If you are new to this workout craze, do not be afraid to let the instructor know it’s your first class! He or she will make sure you know what weights to use and will keep an eye on your form too.

A typical class lasts about an hour and starts with a warm up using a weight bar and exercises for every muscle group. Then there are eight tracks focusing on different muscle groups, including legs, back, biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and abs. Class finishes with a cool down and stretch for a total body workout.

So what makes Body Pump different from other fitness classes? The “rep effect” where you do high numbers of reps even when lifting lighter weights, and the rhythm used to lift them. Adding unique rhythms to weight lifting creates muscle confusion and makes sure they are always working. There is nothing boring about doing squats to a five minute song because the moves and the rhythm are always changing. The moves are set to fun, thumping and motivating songs. When you combine the movements with the music and a trained instructor, Body Pump is a super fun and effective workout for men, women, young and old!

Lifting weights builds lean muscle mass. Having lean muscles creates a continual calorie burn effect in your body, even when you are not exercising. Cardio workouts are great for burning calories during the workout, but a Body Pump class will have your body burning calories — even at rest. The class itself can burn up to 600 calories!

So if you want to build confidence around weights, learn proper form and choreographed exercises that compliment your cardio workout, this may be just the class you need!

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For more information on Body Pump watch the video below:


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