Policies & Procedures

Program Registration

Families Members will receive preferred registration for all youth programs 2 days prior to Youth Members. Full Privilege Members will receive priority registration privileges at least 1 week prior to restricted Youth Program Members regardless of where their membership originated.  Program pricing is based on the type of Membership.

Program Pricing

Pricing is determined by Association priorities and with input from the local branches.  Prices are evaluated annually and any changes are listed in the Association Budget Manual.

Decisions to subsidize program fees will be based on funds available at the individual branches.  Decisions to go above set subsidy allowances must be approved by the Branch Executive Director.  See financial assistance policy.

Policy on Refunds or Extensions/Credits

  • Member satisfaction is our priority. The YMCA will grant either a refund of the remainder of their membership dues or an extension of membership renewal date without processing fees. Joining fees are non-refundable.
  • All credits will expire after one year from date issued to a member’s account.
  • Program fees will be refunded/credited if the YMCA cancels a program due to insufficient enrollment or if a member provides a doctor’s note due to illness.
  • A credit may also be issued for the following reasons:
    • If the YMCA is notified before classes begin, 100% refund/credit.
    • Credits will be pro-rated based upon participation and all requests for refunds/credits must be approved by the program director.
    • Deposits specific to programs such as Child Care or Day Camp are non-refundable.
  • Membership payments will not be credited or refunded for non-usage. A credit card/bank cancellation form must be submitted to cancel a bank draft.
  • Refunds/credits will not be issued for the first class cancellation due to inclement weather. Second and subsequent cancellations can be credited to the member account for use on future classes.

Monthly Payment Options

Monthly Bank Drafts

Monthly bank draft is a convenient monthly membership fee automatically deducted from your personal checking account. To participate in the bank draft, you must provide a voided check at the time of joining. Thirty days written notice is required to terminate bank drafts. Please be advised that membership rates may be adjusted annually. Joining fees are non-refundable. The freezing of Bank Draft Payments (by calendar month) is available for a period up to two months per year at no charge. Freeze requests must be received at least 15 working days prior to the month of the freeze. Remember that your account is drafted on either the 1st or 15th of the month. The membership will be automatically reactivated and the draft will resume on the ending date of the freeze.

Monthly Credit Card Drafts

You can have your membership fees drafted monthly from your debit or credit card. This is a simple option for monthly payments. Simply ask about this option at the Welcome Center.Thirty days written notice is required to terminate credit card drafts.

Diversity & Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of the YMCA to make membership available to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or financial circumstances without discrimination.

Branch Reciprocity Policy

Members are expected to purchase a membership at the branch they intend to use most of the time. Members may use all branches within the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA. We reserve the right to transfer a membership if a member violates the policy. The Y will notify the member 30 days in advance of the transfer. Please visit your home YMCA for more information about this policy.

Child Watch

Child Watch is a value added member benefit and is included with the cost of full privilege adult, senior or family memberships. It is not available for youth, teen or program members. This service is offered on-site with convenient drop-in hours that vary by location.  Hours are subject to change around holidays. Advanced registration is not required and Child Watch is operated on a first come, first served basis. This service is intended to support parents while using the facility. Parents must remain at the YMCA and are limited to two hours per day.  Parents will be contacted to pick up their child if there are any problems.

Member Referral Program

Bring A Friend to the Y! The Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA offers its members the opportunity to receive a one-month free membership. Simply refer a friend who becomes a member and you will receive one free month of membership. Member referral passes are available at the branch Welcome Center or online at philaymca.org. Currently, members may refer a maximum of 2 people per year. A referral pass must be on file to qualify for the promotion. Some restrictions apply.

Member Code of Conduct

For the enjoyment of all, our members agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the YMCA. The protection of members and guests who are utilizing the facility is of paramount concern to the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA.

We reserve the right to deny access of membership to any person whose behavior is determined to be in conflict with the welfare and safety of other members and/or staff. This includes a person who is a registered sexual offender; has plead guilty to or been convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse; or a crime against persons such as a child, spousal or parental abuse. It will also include any offense related to the sale or transportation of illegal, habit forming or dangerous drugs; is presently clearly under the influence of intoxicating beverages or behavior modifying drugs.

This code of conduct does not permit language or any action that can hurt or frighten another person or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct. This includes inappropriate attire, angry or vulgar language, physical contact with another person in an angry or threatening way, any demonstration of sexual contact or activity, harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language or any other menacing behavior, theft or behavior resulting in destruction of property.  Parents are held responsible for the behavior of their children.

The YMCA is a weapon and smoke (vaping) free environment. This includes any type of devices or objects, which could be used or perceived as weapons.

Membership Rights & Responsibilities

Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA reserves the right to revoke or deny membership privileges if a member:

  • abuses or misuses any YMCA owned or operated equipment or facilities,
  • engages in conduct which is abusive, illegal, disruptive, or poses a threat to others,
  • engages in activities contrary to the mission and purpose of the YMCA,
  • is identified as a registered sex offender through our sex offender screening, or
  • is consistently threatening or abusive to staff or other members.

The Executive Director has the authority to deny or suspend membership privileges at any time.  For permanent revocation of membership privileges, the Group Vice President and SVP Membership will be consulted.

Sex Offender Screening

The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests. If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program participation, and remove visitation access.

Policy on Facility Usage – Supervision Requirements

The YMCA has established a minimum age for youth to use the facilities.  Members under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, 18 years or older at all times.

Policy on Guests

Free Guest passes are provided to full privilege members, 18 or older as a benefit to their membership to encourage them to recruit new members. For the safety of our members, all guests must be accompanied by an active adult member. Adult members may bring up to 3 guests per visit. Each guest may only be a guest three times per calendar year.  Youth Program Members are entitled to participate only in programs for which they have registered.

Guest hours and facility usage may vary by branch based on capacity. Restrictions on guest hours will be identified on the web site to insure members can check in advance of visiting. Non-Y members must enter as a guest with a member and present a valid photo ID to participate in any activity at the Y.  Procedures for welcoming guests:

  • Guest must complete a Guest Liability Waiver Form and present a valid photo ID for each visit. Guest must be entered into Daxko and a photo taken and stored.
  • Every guest will be screened through the national sex offender registry to prevent access by registered sex offenders.
  • A Guest is only eligible to use the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA up to three times per year, regardless of the Association Branch they are visiting.
  • Nationwide members are not considered guests – see separate policy.
  • Upon the last visit encourage the guest to take an application and ask them to join.
  • Non members escorting a child to programs will remain in spectator areas and not have access to the full facility.

Policy on Facility Usage – Group Exercise Classes

Members ages 10-14 may participate in all classes upon completion of a wellness consultation. Members ages 10-11 may then attend a class with a parent or guardian that is 18 years or older and also has a full privilege membership. Class participation by members ages 10-14 is subject to instructor discretion for member safety. Members must also meet height requirements to attend cycling classes for safety purposes.

Policy on Facility Usage – Wellness Center Usage

To ensure the physical and mental well-being of all participants, the minimum age required to work out in the Wellness Center is 10 years old. Participants, ages 10 and 11 may use the Wellness Center under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian who has a full facility membership. Participants must be a minimum of age 12 or in 7th Grade to work out alone. Youth and teens should also check in with a Wellness Coach prior to beginning their workout.

The Y offers free Wellness Consultations with trained Wellness Coaches to help participants of all ages learn safe, effective workout techniques. Participants ages 10-14 must attend a consultation prior to using the Wellness Center. Wellness Consultations are strongly recommended for all members.

Policy on Transfer of Membership

  • Transfer between Individuals: Membership and the use of particular privileges shall not be transferred from one person to another.
  • Members from another Association: The Membership Director or designee will contact the other YMCA or Association (via telephone) to verify the current status of the inquiring potential member. The entire joining fee will be waived, provided that the membership has not lapsed more than 60 days.  The full amount is waived, regardless of the amount paid at the former YMCA.
  • Transfers to another Association: Members who move to another geographic area outside of the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA will need to contact that YMCA for its specific policy on membership transfers.

Policy on Upgrading/Downgrading Full Privilege Membership

No join fee is charged when a member is upgrading from one full privilege membership category to another. No refund of join fee is provided when a member is downgrading from any full privilege membership to a membership which charges a lesser joining fee.

Swim Test Policies

All children 16 and under (members and guests) will be swim tested and marked with a colored wrist band. Children who have been swim tested must verify their swimming ability on subsequent visits by wearing the wrist band or be re-tested. Participants of any age may also be swim tested at the discretion of the lifeguard.

The supervision of children is a safety precaution designed to provide an extra degree of safety beyond that provided by YMCA lifeguards for all children under 12. Adult supervision is defined as a responsible person 18 or older. Teen supervision is defined as a responsible person 17 or older.

  • Children 6 and Under: Will be supervised in the water even after successful completion of the shallow or deep water test. This supervision may be by an adult OR alternatively by a teen with an adult on deck.
  • Children 7-11: Do not have to be supervised in the water, but require an adult on deck, unless they can’t pass the shallow water test. If the child cannot pass the shallow water test, in water supervision is required.