Guest Policy

Free Guest passes are provided to full privilege members, 18 or older as a benefit to their membership to encourage them to recruit new members. For the safety of our members, all guests must be accompanied by an active adult member. Adult members may bring up to 3 guests per visit. Each guest may only be a guest three times per calendar year.  Youth Program Members are entitled to participate only in programs for which they have registered.

Guest hours and facility usage may vary by branch based on capacity. Non-Y members must enter as a guest with a member and present a valid photo ID to participate in any activity at the Y.  Procedures for welcoming guests:

  • Guest must complete a Guest Liability Waiver Form and present a valid photo ID for each visit. Guest must be entered into Daxko and a photo taken and stored.
  • Every guest will be screened through the national sex offender registry to prevent access by registered sex offenders.
  • A Guest is only eligible to use the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA up to three times per year, regardless of the Association Branch they are visiting.
  • Nationwide members are not considered guests – see separate policy.
  • Upon the last visit encourage the guest to take an application and ask them to join.
  • Non members escorting a child to programs will remain in spectator areas and not have access to the full facility.