YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Begins November 9, 2015

Posted on: 10.27.2015


You can reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes and gain tools for healthy living.

If you are risk for type 2 diabetes, the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program provides a supportive environment where you can work with others in a small group setting to learn how to adopt healthy habits to reduce your chances of developing the disease.

The program, which is led by a trained Lifestyle Coach in a classroom setting, is delivered over a 12-month period, beginning with 16 weekly sessions and three sessions every other week during the first six months followed by 6 monthly sessions in the second six months. You will learn strategies for eating healthier, increasing your physical activity and making other changes that will improve your overall health and well-being. National institutes of Health research has proven that programs like the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program can reduce the number of cases of type 2 diabetes by almost 58% and 71% in adults over the age of 60.

Overall structure of the diabetes prevention program:

  • A trained lifestyle coach facilitates a small group of participants in learning about healthier eating, physical activity and other behavior changes over the course of 16 one-hour sessions.
  • Topics covered include healthier eating, getting started with physical activity, overcoming stress, staying motivated and more. After the initial 16 core sessions, participants meet monthly for added support to help them maintain their progress.
  • Financial Assistance Available.

Two Primary Goals:

  • Reduce body weight by 7%
  • Engage in regular physical activity

* Individuals who have already been diagnoses with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes do not qualify for this program.

To receive additional information or to see if you qualify for the program, contact Kira Rowell, Diabetes Prevention Program Coordinator, at 267-592-4383 or dpp@philaymca.org.

Diabetes Prevention Program Brochure

YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program Risk Assessment

Diabetes Prevention Registration Form