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Real Benefits from Family Time at the Table in 5 Simple Steps

When I was younger, I saw the movie If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium. That title stuck with me. If I were to make a movie of my family life now, the title would be something like, If It’s Tuesday There Must Be Baseball; or, If It’s Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, There Must Be

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When traveling on the road to a healthy lifestyle, it’s always a good idea to bring along a few tools. So, what’s in your healthy lifestyle toolbox? Maybe you have a Fitbit or similar electronic tracker, a sturdy pair of walking shoes, or a food scale. What about a notebook and pencil (or pen, or

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“I can’t do Yoga because…” It’s a phrase I often hear. That, or some variation of it. The mere idea of Yoga seems to stir in some people an immediate and visceral response of resistance. Rather than judging or dismissing such a reaction, there’s real value in looking closer at it. Yoga is ‘hot’ right

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Food for Fitness

What most people don’t realize, is that what you eat is 80% of the battle when aiming to improve your fitness levels. So, you can take a bunch of intense classes to push your body but you must remember to fuel your body. That means the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber to

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Memory Loss Prevention & Exercise

I started working on this blog about the connection between exercise and preventing memory loss/cognitive impairment several weeks ago. My self-imposed deadline passed last week. Those usual culprits: procrastination, interruptions and distractions, are partially to blame. And so is forgetfulness. I forgot where I had put my print outs, I forgot to move the mouse

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Change up your Child’s After-School Routine

Does your child’s after-school regime encourage healthy nutrition habits? Preparing food WITH your children, infusing healthy snacks, physically active games and creative learning activities into their after-school schedule can lead them to a healthier life style. Easier said than done – right? Wrong. These simple tips can make all the difference in creating a healthy

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