Mt. Laurel

We provide recreational and specialty aquatics programs for all ages and abilities.

Our programs include parent-child classes, group swim lessons for preschool and youth, programs for kids and adults with special needs, swim teams, water exercise, therapy, water safety and rescue classes.

Competitive & Developmental Swimming

We offer a variety of different training groups that fit nearly every level of competitive or developmental swimmer. The program is led by a coaching staff with a unique blend of skills, passion, and experience.

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons offer individual and personal attention to our members, young and old, who want to learn to swim. Our staff is trained to teach all levels, excellent for even the most timid child!

Swim Lessons

The YMCA has been America’s leading swim instructor for more than 100 years and YMCA Swim Programs are nationally recognized programs for children ages 3 through 12 years. Our progressive swim programs help children learn personal growth, stoke development as well as water safety. For children 6 months and older.

Water Exercise

Gain muscle conditioning and cardiovascular endurance from the aeorobic choreography and the resistance of the water, without stress on the joints. Ideal for all fitness levels, non-swimmers included.