Navy Seals Competitive Swim Team

Ages 6 to 18 years

We currently have one boys and one girls team competing in the Penn-Del YMCA dual meet league, and a USA-S team registered with the Middle Atlantic LSC.

Our 2017-2018 season will begin September 12 for the Gold Team and September 17 for the Red, White, Blue and Sailfish & Sunnies.

A two-week trial is offered to the more experienced swimmers new to our program from Tuesday, September 12 through Tuesday, September 26.

The dual meet season concludes with a League Championship in February. Those swimmers qualifying for the YMCA Districts, State, or National Championships continue until their season is completed.

Our practice groups are arranged using the recommended guidelines established by United States Swimming (USS), our Country’s foremost authority in this sport. Age, ability, and previous experience are all considered before placing each athlete in a practice group. We want each child to feel competent, and yet challenged, to gain new skills, to develop self-confidence, and to improve their level of physical fitness at their own pace.

For practice schedules visit Practice Groups on our website:


Navy Seals brochure 2017-2018



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