It’s Why I Work At The Y

By: Carla Burbo           Posted on: 05.09.2016

If you’re going to spend most of your day at work it really should be something you love doing.  I’m one of the lucky ones because I get to play a small part in a company that actually helps people not only live healthier, but transform their lives. Yesterday I was speaking to a member about renewing her financial assistance for summer camp. To give you a little backstory- both she and  her daughter were victims of domestic violence.  In the summer of 2015, they were placed in an emergency shelter. It happened to be the same emergency center where my Y- Rocky Run- covers all the cost of summer camp day programs for the children in the shelter. Because we covered the camp cost for these kids, this newly placed child had the chance to attend our summer camp and loved it! It was a place where she could just be a kid and not have to worry about the other difficult circumstances her family was dealing with at the time. She told us her favorite part of the day was swimming in our pool. 

Well , fast forward a year and so much has changed for this family. The mom now has a full time job and a safe place for her family to stay. And once again, her daughter  is looking forward to summer camp at the Rocky Run Y. In fact she told us for Christmas two of the presents she requested were water shoes and goggles for swimming at summer camp! 

This is just one story from one of our Ys. There are thousands and they need to be heard because there are people helping other people- there are stories of triumph- and there’s me- loving my job because I get to help do all of these things. I really can’t think of anything better than supporting people at the lowest point in their lives and changing everything. 

So, that’s why I work at the Y. It’s  pretty great. 

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