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We are hoping to answer some of some common parent questions below in regards to how COVID-19 will affect our Early Learning Centers and Programs this year.

This information will be regularly updated as more updates develop so make sure to check back periodically.

Are the children required to wear masks?

This pandemic has taught us that every day we learn something new and just when we have a policy in place, that policy will need updating! 

Children 11 years old and under will be required to wear masks while indoors at each Greater Philadelphia YMCA branch. All staff working with children will also be required to wear masks indoors. Please view our full policy HERE.

Thank you for helping us keep our Y a safe and healthy place for your children to grow and thrive!

Who will be providing those masks?

We will ask parents/guardians to provide masks for children over the age of 2 years of age. We recognize that you may want to select masks with special characters or designs that will ease some of the concerns children may have in wearing them. Our expectation is that masks will go home at the end of the day to ensure they are disinfected properly. 

How are you going to keep kids 6ft apart?

We are committed to promoting social distancing in our groups through intentional planning of activities that provide socialization opportunities along with personal space. Common spaces such as gross motor rooms, gyms, and playgrounds will be only used by one group at a time and the schedule will allow for the cleaning of spaces prior to the next group’s usage. Supplies and “high touch” surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day and deep cleaned by our facilities teams overnight.

What is the protocol for ensuring children are washing their hands on a constant basis?

​Handwashing has and will remain a focus for all children. We ask that when children arrive at the center, parents/guardians and children wash their hands upon entering a classroom. Handwashing is a part of our daily schedules when we: change centers or activities, transition program space (classroom to playground), use the bathrooms, prior to eating snacks and meals. Our staff will ensure that we reinforce proper handwashing techniques and that our centers are fully stocked with anti-bacterial soap.  

What are the enhanced cleaning procedures of the child care centers?

Both child care and building facilities staff will be thoroughly cleaning “high touch” surfaces such as doors, tables, sinks, and countertops throughout the day with a solution that is proven to kill the coronavirus on contact but is safe for use in a child care setting. Toys and classroom supplies will move from weekly rotational cleaning to daily cleaning.

Will certain toys be removed from their classrooms that can’t be properly cleaned? ​

Soft spaces/toys present the highest challenge in terms of sanitation. We will only keep them where absolutely necessary and in situations where they can be laundered daily. 

Will parents be allowed inside the child care center?

Parents will be permitted inside to drop off and/or pick up their child. We ask that all parents follow the Mask Policy during this process.

How should I pack my child’s personal belongings?

Children’s belongings must fit inside a closeable backpack. Water bottles and sippy cups will be stored to ensure that they do not come in contact with other children’s cups.

Please also always feel comfortable to reach out and contact us at with any specific questions or concerns.