Swimming Programs

No matter your age or ability, you can learn to swim at the Columbia North YMCA. Our YMCA trained and certified instructors cover swimming skills, stroke technique and water safety in a friendly and encouraging environment. With small instructor to student ratio, our swim lessons provide personal instruction while providing a fun atmosphere.

Swim Lessons

Parent & Child Swim Lessons
Ages 6 months-3 years
Shrimp/Kipper (6-12 months)
No previous water experience needed. Children explore the water through songs and games. A trusted adult participates with the child.

Inia/Perch (13 months-3 years)
In this class, children will swim with a trusted adult and gain confidence in the pool. Beginning swimming and water safety skills are introduced.


Beginner swim courses with no prior swim experience necessary. Child will progress to swimming one length of the pool using the front crawl, backstroke and sidestroke with flotation. Eventual goal is to swim without use of a flotation device.

This is your child’s first swimming experience without a parent or guardian. This class will focus on water adjustment, kicking, blowing bubbles and paddling with assistance. Children will swim with and without flotation.

Children entering an Eel class should be comfortable paddling on their front, back and side 1 width of the pool with or without flotation. Stroke development, independent swimming and personal safety are emphasized.

Children entering a Ray class should have the ability to swim ½ length of the pool independently on both front and back. Children should be comfortable in the deep end of the pool. Continued stroke development and endurance are emphasized.

Ages 6-12 years

This class is for the beginner swimmer with no previous water experience necessary. This class will focus on water adjustment, front/back float and paddle. Proper use of instructional flotation devices will be stressed.

Children entering a Guppy class should be comfortable swimming with their face in the water. Guppy is an advanced beginner class that will introduce rhythmic breathing and stroke development.

Children entering a Minnow level swim lesson should be able to swim 1 length of the pool on both front and back. In the Minnow level, strokes are refined and endurance increased. Breaststroke and elementary backstroke introduced.

Children entering fish level swim lessons should be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool front crawl and backstroke in good form. Breaststroke and elementary backstroke are refined and butterfly is introduced. Endurance and stroke refinement are stressed.

Private lessons are available for all ages and abilities with one of our certified Swim Instructors. Private lessons are 30-minutes in length and will focus on particular skills that you wish to improve upon. Lessons are sold in packages of 4-8 lessons.  Please call the Welcome Center at 215-235-6440 for information on registering for these lessons.
Cost per lesson:
Full Privilege      $25
Youth Program  $35

Water Exercise Classes

Pre-registration is requested.

Aquacise Mid
A cardiovascular water workout that helps to burn calories and tone muscles.  Morning participants must know how to swim and Wednesday morning is all in the deep-end.
FREE for FP Members

A moderately intense water aerobics class which uses noodles and barbells to help tone and condition muscles through low-impact exercise.  This class utilizes all pool depths.
FREE for FP Members

Open Pool Use

Our pool is available for Open & Family Swim times throughout the week at various times.  Please contact the Welcome Center for days/times or download a current Pool Schedule HERE.

Lap Swimmers

Lap Swimming is available throughout the week at all times.  The number of available lap lanes will vary depending on other scheduled pool activities.  Please respect the following guidelines for safe lap swimming in our pool!

Faster Swimmers please use lanes 1 and 2 while beginners or slower swimmers please swim in lane 3.  Water walkers will use lane 4.  We also ask that you would demonstrate proper swim etiquette by circle swimming (always staying to the right of the lane) to be courteous to those sharing lanes.  Please do not swim in areas designated for swim classes and lessons.