“Do you know why I enjoy Body Combat so much? It’s because for an hour, I can’t think about anything else. I work hard, I sweat, I release all my stress and when I leave, I feel like a new person, and a bad-ass.” A member told me that last week and she’s not alone

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“I can’t do Yoga because…” It’s a phrase I often hear. That, or some variation of it. The mere idea of Yoga seems to stir in some people an immediate and visceral response of resistance. Rather than judging or dismissing such a reaction, there’s real value in looking closer at it. Yoga is ‘hot’ right

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If you look around your local YMCA Wellness floor, I’m sure you’ve noticed the bell shaped tool of various weights with handles on top of them. These are Kettlebells which originated from Russia and recently gained popularity in the US. The most well-known movement performed with the Kettlebell is the kettlebell swing which is a

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Food for Fitness

What most people don’t realize, is that what you eat is 80% of the battle when aiming to improve your fitness levels. So, you can take a bunch of intense classes to push your body but you must remember to fuel your body. That means the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber to

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Memory Loss Prevention & Exercise

I started working on this blog about the connection between exercise and preventing memory loss/cognitive impairment several weeks ago. My self-imposed deadline passed last week. Those usual culprits: procrastination, interruptions and distractions, are partially to blame. And so is forgetfulness. I forgot where I had put my print outs, I forgot to move the mouse

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It’s Why I Work At The Y

If you’re going to spend most of your day at work it really should be something you love doing.  I’m one of the lucky ones because I get to play a small part in a company that actually helps people not only live healthier, but transform their lives. Yesterday I was speaking to a member

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