A 30-Minute Workout that Gets Results

By: Gina Ellis – Group Fitness Instructor, Rocky Run YMCA           Posted on: 11.07.2016

Don’t think you have time for classes? Can’t commit to an hour of time at the YMCA? Do you prefer to have your own fitness routine and aren’t a fan of group classes? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I have a solution! Consider CXWORX™ as an alternative workout that gives you results, and the best part is – – you can do it in just 30 minutes!

Not only is this a quick solution to working out, CXWORX is a great way to supplement an existing workout regime that strengthens your core. So how can you get results in under an hour? CXWORX is a full body workout with a focus on the torso so it doesn’t take a whole lot of time – – that makes it a great option for newcomers and experienced exercisers alike! Working your core also helps avoid injury, improves posture, and tightens your tummy and your rear end.

One important thing to remember; it’s a good idea to avoid weight lifting for a day after any intense core workout such as CXWORX. Make this the last class in your workout schedule. Here’s why:

CXWORX is a program that encompasses your entire core, from your shoulders to your knees and everything in between. The program incorporates a series of songs that help you through a warm up to prepare the muscles for the rest of the class. The second song is called the “core track” which always makes me laugh. It’s a core class! This track is a lot of leg raises and hovers. Don’t be scared – I am an instructor and I often opt to do hovers on my knees rather than my toes.

There is a call for some equipment, but as one of our instructors always says, “It’s more important to practice good technique and do the moves properly and safely than it is to use the toys.” So don’t worry – – you can get a fantastic core workout by modifying your moves and using just your body weight – – resistance bands and hand weights are always optional!

The next two tracks are standing strength songs that focus on strengthening the upper and lower body, glutes, hips and legs. You can expect some use of the resistance bands and hand weights (remember, the “toys” are not mandatory). The last two tracks are back on the floor; one includes oblique work and the other works the back muscles.

That’s it! Six songs, less than thirty minutes, appropriate for every level of fitness, designed to strengthen your entire torso, prevent injury and to supplement (or begin) a workout routine that works for you. Look for a CXWORX class on your next visit to the gym. Hope to see you there!

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