Small Group Training Classes

Spring Valley YMCA


Small Group Training Programs are specialty classes designed for small groups and high attention, resulting in a form of semi-private training under our class specific outline goals.  In these programs, we strive to create continually varying programs with new, challenging, and functional moves.  Class size is limited and registration is required.  Check out the class descriptions below and register at the Welcome Center or online on our Health/Wellness page.
*Classes with low enrollment may not run.
**Not all classes below are offered every session, check current schedules for class offerings.

Full Privilege Members:
1 Hour Class: $30
Express (1/2 Hour) Class: $15

Program Members (Teen/Tweens Only):
1 Hour Class: $60

The following icons will help you select the best class for you.  
B = Beginner
I = Intermediate
A = Advanced

2016 Late Fall Small Group Training Schedule


Barre (B I A)

Barre is a full body workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, Pilates, sports conditioning and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience.  The moves are low impact but high intensity intervals of strength training followed immediately by deep recovery stretching.

Dynamic Boxing (B I A)

Boxing strength and conditioning mixed with technique training.  Participants are required to bring their own gloves.

Kettlebell (B I A)

This class offered by an instructor/trainer will give fast results for strength, endurance and muscle toning by challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular systems with dynamic, total body movement.  Intensity can be modified by using a smaller or larger bell, allowing participants of all fitness lelvls to work together in the same group.

Shock Training (I A)

A class designed to “shock” an individual’s current training  routine or jump start a person that has gotten off track back to a fit lifestyle.  Pre and Post fitness testing will show how hard work and challenging training pays off.

Shock Training – Family (B I A)

Family-based, cross-training class.  This class is designed to bring the same intensity,creativity and variety; but geared towards families and working together.  Fee is per family, not individual.  Ages 7 & up.

Shock Training – Teen/Tween (B I A)

This class is designed to challenge youth in varying strength and conditioning classes.  This cross-training, boot camp style class will start and finish with our 6 point fitness test to track all progress.  Ages 11-15

Speed School

Focus on speed, agility, lower body power and explosiveness utilizing drills that will enhance skills for a variety of sports.  Ages 9-15.

Teen Barbell Club

Foundational Strength Progression.  This class is designed to teach youth proper form and technique through foundational strength movements.  Class is limited to 4 participants.  Ages 14-18.


Revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise using the TRX Trainer.  Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility, as well as prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.  Come experience one of the best total body workouts you’ve ever had!  Ages 14 & up.

TRX – Express (B I A)

This class is designed to deliver the same intense, dynamic workout in a condensed format.  Ages 14 & up.

TRX – Teen/Tween (B I A)

Specialty class designed to teach suspension training to youth, while engaging in a fun and challenging atmosphere.  Movement sfocus on core strengthening, balance, flexibility and full body conditioning.  Ages 11-15.

TRX – Silver (B I A)

This class for our Active Older Adults is an alternative way of strength training that is designed to be comfortable and allow more alternatives to basic exercises.  Ages 14 & up.

Specialty Fitness Classes

Specialty Fitness Classes are FREE for Full Privilege Members, but registration is required.

Silver Strength (B I A)

This class is designed to increase overall strength and stability to help combat losses in bone, muscle and balance.  For ages 55 and older.

Strength Training (B I A)

This program will demonstrate proper technique and will training you on a variety of strength training methods.  You will gain strength and confidence.

Women & Weights (B I A)

This program is guided by a Wellness Coach who will demonstrate proper techniques and allow you to become familiar with and engage in a variety of strength training methods.  Through this program, you will gain strength and confidence.

Zero to 5K Training Program (B I A)

This series will incorporate a progressive running program, strength training sessions and nutritional principles to help you get fit, stay motivated and have fun.  This program will culminate with several of our YMCA 5K runs throughout the year.