Active Older Adults

Northeast Family YMCA


Older adults are some of our most loyal YMCA members.

Here at the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA, seniors have a chance to keep active and grow in spirit, mind and body. New friends and new opportunities add joy to life.

Physical activity is essential in maintaining a higher quality of life and independence among seniors. Regular exercise provides many practical benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases and conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Stronger muscles, better balance and coordination, and higher energy levels all work together to maintain or improve basic living skills.

Programs include group exercise classes, social events, low impact water exercise, community education and more!


Become More Active, Energized and Empowered!

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EnhanceFitness is a proven community based senior fitness and arthritis management program. Its purpose is to help older adults become more active, energized, and empowered for independent living.

Nationally recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the program measures progress and consists of low impact exercise classes that are safe and challenging for older adults of all fitness levels. Visit our Welcome Center to register today!

Enhance Fitness Brochure